TiWaKi's Special Projects


Kimmel Family Record - Kimmel, Kimmell, and Kimel families in the United States

Nature for the Layman in the Upper Wabash Valley  (not yet active)

St. Jacob's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Hagerstown, Indiana - inscription record

Links to Favorite Causes and Celebrities

Sensible Views (listen):
    Streaming Radio - (conservative)
    Dr. Joy Browne podcasts archived at WOR Radio 710 
Man-made global warming scam (watch and learn):
    Friends of Science    Icecap
Gay and conservative (become involved):
    Log Cabin Republicans    Gay Pro-Life Alliance
NASCAR  (watch and cheer):
    NASCAR web site       Jeff Gordon #24
Entertainers (music, become fans):
    Brad Paisley    Big and Rich    Gretchen Wilson    Enya    Monkees    Queen    Fanfare Ciocarlia
    Past entertainers worth knowing about:
    Lynn Lavner    Helen Kane    Annette Shaw    Betty Hutton    Boswell Sisters    Pearl Bailey
    Martha Raye    Mills Brothers (official)    Spike Jones (fansite)    Paul.Whiteman Orchestra
Support our deployed soldiers (website):
    Support Our Troops
    Be better informed (military news):
    Defense Link     Military.com News    Global Security        The Bayonet (Fort Benning)
Jack and Ennis (Brokeback Mountain) stories at LiveJournal:
    BrokebackSlash - Jack/Ennis  Jake/Heath fiction based on the movie "Brokeback Mountain"
    HumanInterest - Welcome to Farmingdale ("Every community needs a couple of gay ranchers.")
   Jane Seville Books - Zero at the Bone
Key Botanical Species Tracking Sites:
    Plant Species Database of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    Plant and Animal Species Database of the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
    Discover Life Global Mapper (enter genus & species)
    Get Your Botony On Blogspot    IN-PLANTS-L blog
    Indiana GIS Atlas   topographic views, aerial views, demographics, geology, hydrology
        GIS for Individual Indiana Counties   Indiana Historical Aerial Maps
     U.S. Soil Survey Maps   TerraServer USA
    World History Maps (Eastern Hemisphere 1300 BC to 1500 AD) Thomas Lessman maps
Because I Still Miss Dingle and Ink:
    Feline Leukemia Support   Feline Infectious Peritonitis Support